Unique Wine Glasses: Hand Picked

One of the most popular drinks in the world can easily be considered to be wine. Whenever people think about the oldest drink in existence, people are immediately reminded of wine. There is a lot of archaeological evidence which suggest that wine in its primitive forms have been developed as early as sixth millennium in some places and 4100 BC in some other places.

This can just go to prove that this drink has been the preferred drink for people since ancient times. Modern wines have of course gone through a lot of different changes and today it can be seen that there are hundreds of thousands of varieties of wines which are produced throughout the world. There are some unique features which are characteristic of all of these different types of wines.

One of the main peripherals which are as important as the wine itself, are the different types of unique wine glasses.

Wine glasses can be of many different types and variations. These variations depend upon the type of wine which is drunk, the material and quality of the glass and some other types of factors. The topic of wine and wine glasses is so vast that it has been developed into a completely separate part of gastronomic studies.

People can often spend their entire lives researching about the different types of wines which are present in the world today and the different types of glasses in which they are drank.

A wine glass in general consists of three basic parts. These parts include the bowl of the glass, the stem of the glass and the foot of the glass. All of these parts are essential in differentiating the different types of wine glasses. Wine glasses can be classified into three major divisions which are based on the type of wine which are drunk in them.

These different types of wine glasses can include white wine glasses, red wine glasses and sherry glasses. Also, these glasses can also have a lot of different types of sub divisions. These sub divisions can be based on geographical locations, cultural influences and other types of variables.

A red wine glass can be of two types. These types are mainly Bordeaux glasses and Burgundy glasses. The Bordeaux glasses have wider bowls and are used mainly for robust and full bodied wines while the Burgundy glasses can have even wider bowls in order to drink the lighter and more delicate wines.

A white wine glass can have numerous different variations. These variations can depend upon numerous different factors which can vary on the basis of type of wine and other factors. Some white wine glasses can have narrow mouths, some can have long stems and many other types of variations. One of the most popular type of white wine glass is a champagne flute. Sherry glasses have deeper bowls for more aromatic liqueurs and alcohols.

There are also many types of unique wine glasses such as Boccalino, which is used in Ticino, Switzerland.